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From Ivy Guru Students

"All of my Ivy Guru helpers responded to my needs very quickly. The math classes I have with Rufaro are amazing. He helps me to understand the topics very quickly."
Adam Sendler
“I have so many responsible and important instructors and mentors who help me along the way. Everyone of them genuinely cares about me and my success.”
Mila Lin
”The efficiency of my Ivy Guru team and their encouragement to work towards successes and achievements — that in all honesty seemed a bit far fetched beforehand — is invaluable.”
Mike Kane
“All the people in your ‘team’ are really committed to helping you to get exactly what you need as an individual. They are always there to answer my questions and ease my doubts."
Jane Williams
“I love how everyone is so nice and professional! I remember when I accidentally missed the first meeting because I was going through a rough time, that everyone was so considerate."
Jonathan Lu
“I simply love my mentors! They help me immensely in my application process, and I know they genuinely care about me (which is something super unique about Ivy Guru's mentors).”
Blake Hanks

From Ivy Guru Parents

“Ivy Guru helped my child tremendously. My son’s team was endlessly reliable, and the quality of work ethic was top notch across the entire group."
Tom Butler
“My son’s Ivy Guru team was well organized. He had tutors who were motivating, supportive and very helpful. They were all experienced and knowledgeable and their organization was outrageously good!”
Katie Winter
“As a parent, my interactions with my child’s Ivy Guru strategist were always very warm and informative. They are an incredibly professional and knowledgeable group.”
Jared Lent
“The best thing about Ivy Guru is the people!! They are all so available and responsive.”
Siming Chen
“Ivy Guru provided a well-tailored experience that was incredibly flexible in its application to learning.”
Larry Hawk
“Everyone at Ivy Guru is very helpful and kind. We are glad we contacted Ivy Guru, they have been very, very useful in this process.”
Sanjana Bolar