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At Ivy Guru, we engage the the world’s best instructors in each SAT section to help students reach their university admissions goals. All of our tutors are Harvard Graduates with perfect scores on at least three SAT sections. In addition, each tutor must have at least five years of experience in independent SAT tutoring. Upon being hired, each tutor is mentored by our three senior SAT instructors, who are renowned NYC SAT tutors who have all written official test questions for the CollegeBoard, for two months before they are cleared to tutor any Ivy Guru students. We are proud to have the highest score improvement on the SAT than any other test prep company on the market.   

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Our online learning removes the restrictions normally applied by geography, time limitations for students traveling to and from tutoring, the necessity for a tutor to visit their home, or even as in the current coronavirus climate, a concern as to gathering in classrooms or other populated spaces.

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Senior SAT Instructor

Our first step is to pair you with a Senior SAT Instructor, who will review the results of the diagnostic test you will take from our extensive database. All our SAT practice tests are past official tests that cannot be found anywhere else online. Your Senior Instructor will then draft a custom plan that will most effectively target your weaknesses. You’ll then be connected with a SAT Instructor, who will work one-on-one with you through Zoom on official practice tests optimized to increase your score in the least amount of time possible. He or she will be in your corner to answer every question you have along the way, and push you to exceed your limits on this tricky exam. 

Proprietary Software

At IvyGuru, we have developed a patented software that streamlines the tutoring process, especially on the SAT Math Section. Our sleek interface allows our instructors to communicate complicated mathematical formulas and concepts in an intuitive manner so that it will feel just like an in-person lesson. The display senses the rigid strokes of the electronic pen, transforming them into fluid marks that cannot be differentiated from the text of an online textbook. No more jagged formulas, lag time, and unresponsive interfaces.       

Specialized Homework

After each private tutoring session, we will draw from our database of official SAT questions that correlates with the type of questions you missed in each lesson. This will ensure that you will not make the same mistake again on test day. The assignment will be due at least 24 hours before your next scheduled lesson, giving our instructors ample time to grade the assignment and review it before the start of your next lesson. Rest assured that after completing our comprehensive course, there will be no question that will surprise you on test day.   

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Lead SAT Instructors

Rob Lander

Rob is a Harvard Graduate in Physics and Philosophy with a minor in Classics. He has over twenty years of experience tutoring for the SAT and ACT. He is a current PHD candidate at Caltech in BioMechanics, where he is working on a prototype to alleviate the stress load of construction workers. He is a former perfect scorer on both the SAT and the ACT, and was an official College Board exam writer between 2013 and 2016. Rob is also fluent in Italian, German, French, and Spanish. In his spare time, he enjoys ocean fishing, bird watching, and hiking on steep slopes.

Jane Willinksy

Jane is a Harvard Graduate in Economics and Mathematics. She is the author of multiple award-winning novels on SAT and ACT test-taking strategies. Between 2012 and 2014, she was an official curriculum writer for the College Board and the ACT. Since she wrote many of the SAT Math questions herself, she has a very deep understanding of the Math section. She is a former perfect scorer on the SAT and ACT Math and Science Section. In her spare time, she enjoys binging Netflix and walking her mini labradoodle Maple.

Tony Chang

Tony is a Harvard Graduate in Mathematics and Literature. He has over twenty years of experience helping students across the nation develop efficient test-taking skills to ace this tricky exam. He is the founder of Nomad learning, an education startup in Silicon Valley that develops high tech software that facilities online leaning. He is a former perfect scorer on the ACT and SAT Math Section. Between 2016 and 2018, he was an official College Board test writer. In his free time, he loves to bird watch and go skiing in the Colorado slopes.

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