Why Hire A College Counselor

A professional who's been there, done that, and is now here for you.

Lower Your College Stress

Applications are stressful. 7 out of 10 respondents on our 2019 College Application Stress Level survey gauged their stress levels as “high” or “very high.” Knowing that there are college experts in your corner can make all the difference. At Ivy Guru, our admissions consultants are available face-to-face whenever you have a question, or just need some encouragement.

Make a balanced College List

Everyone wants to get into their dream school. That’s why services like ours exist. But the reality is, your dream school is likely thousands of other applicants’ dream school as well. It’s important to gauge your profile’s strength and pick safety schools, match schools, and reach schools accordingly. Even though most Ivy Guru students end up attending their dream schools, it’s critical to have a backup option.  

Manage your Deadlines

Imagine putting hundreds of hours into crafting the perfect application, but realizing you forgot that your dream school requires two SAT Subject Tests. From the arts portfolio, supplemental essays, financial aid documents, letters of recommendation, and sending official score reports, deadlines are everywhere. A College Counselor has a detailed timeline of what you should be doing senior year, fine-tuned to the week.

Help Your Essays Shine

College essays are not like the academic papers you’ve written in high school. Time after time, every aspect of the initial drafts our students send us are completely wrong. None of them are bad writers; they just aren’t used to structuring a compelling narrative about their background and aspirations. Having been in the admissions committee of top colleges, our team knows exactly what they are looking for.

College Interview Coaching

The college interview can be daunting to some students, as it is likely the first time they are evaluated by a university. We hold mock interviews and teach strategies on how to convey your enthusiasm to the interviewer and show you did your research on the school you are applying to. Many students overlook this integral part of the application, while our students get direct coaching from active alumni interviewers. 

Apply for Financial Aid

College is expensive. We have helped thousands of students get access to financial aid, in both grants and scholarships, that they would have never received. The FAFSA and CSS Profile, in addition to each school’s IDOC Portals, can be complicated. Many students don’t realize you can negotiate financial packages with schools of equal prestige, similar to salary negotiations at the workplace.

Free 1-Hour College Essay Session

No hidden fees. We won’t even ask for your payment information. Just tell us which essay you would like us to work on, and we will connect you with one of our expert writers for an hour of personalized instruction over Zoom. We realize it is June, and many applicants may not even know what they will write. We are available at any stage of the application process, whether its brainstorming ideas, polishing the essay structure, or adding the finishing touches.