Meet Ivy Guru Leadership

Kevin Fang

Founder and CEO, Ivy Guru

Kevin Fang is a college counseling expert and veteran test prep instructor. Unsatisfied with the current standard of college consulting services, Kevin dropped out of Yale University to found Ivy Guru. His belief that premier consulting services should not be limited to America’s elite has resonated with admissions committees across the nation. In a sea of thousands of private college counselors, his name is synonymous with helping students of all backgrounds beat colleges at their own game and earn admission to the colleges of their dreams. Prior to founding Ivy Guru, Kevin was a private college consultant based in New York City with over a decade of experience. Over the years, he has cracked the secret to the college essay, helping thousands of students express their aspirations and backgrounds in a way that impresses admission officers behind hidden gates. He is a former perfect scorer on the SAT and ACT, and gained admission to Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and Stanford during his application years. A member of the National Association for College Admissions Counseling (NACAC), he regularly conducts workshops on college admissions for corporate and educational events. For those parents and students interested in working directly with Kevin, know that he works with only 30 selected students every year. An online interview process in mid-July is conducted annually to determine who is lucky enough to work with him, as almost all his students get into their top choice university.   

Nicholas Powell

President, Ivy Guru

As a college admissions professional for the last 10 years, Nicholas has experience working in highly selective admissions offices at Harvard University and Vanderbilt University. At Vanderbilt, he reviewed over one thousand applications annually from domestic and international applicants. Nicholas prided himself on being a strong advocate for his constituent students, especially when presenting in the admissions committee. In addition to his core responsibilities, he worked with Vanderbilt’s College of Arts and Science to select scholarship recipients and served on the need-based financial aid committee for international students. At Harvard University, he again reviewed applications from domestic and international applicants and served as a mentor to new admissions readers. Nicholas recognizes the importance of creating a persuasive narrative in the application process. Telling a compelling story throughout an application can make an otherwise average applicant stand out to admissions staff. Nicholas gets great satisfaction from helping students identify their interests and strengths while homing in on institutions that are a good fit.


Sarah Zimmerman

Executive Director, Ivy Guru

Sarah Zimmerman is the former Director of Admissions at Duke University. With a BA degree in Business Management and Psychology at Princeton University and a PHD in Education from Duke, Sarah has over twenty years of experience in college admissions consulting. As Director of Admissions at Duke University, Sarah was personally responsible for reviewing several thousand applications per year and making admissions decisions for highly selective colleges and academic programs. Based on this experience she has a comprehensive understanding of the college admissions selection process and how to assemble an application that gets attention. Sarah impresses on students and families the importance of breaking down the college admissions process into manageable steps. She provides expert guidance and structure throughout the process.