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Every ACT Instructor on our team has a perfect score on the ACT section they teach. We take great pride in that fact that we are the only test prep organization on the market that only hires perfect scorers. We believe that any experienced tutor can give excellent test-taking strategies, but only a perfect scorer truly grasps the intricacies of the test needed to ace the test. Of course, each of our instructors have also gone through months of rigorous training from our lead instructors, who all have over a decade of experience on the ACT. Our team is dedicated to developing a program that is tailored to target each student’s unique weaknesses in order to maximize their potential. 

Lead ACT Instructors

David Willis

David was previously an Assistant Director of Admissions at the University of Chicago as well as an Assistant Director of Admissions at Boston College. David holds a BA from the University of Chicago where he studied Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities and Theater and Performance Studies. He is a former Perfect Scorer on the SAT and ACT with over a decade of experience teaching the ACT. He loves performing and has performed improv and sketch comedy in both Chicago and New York City.

Jane Willinksy

Jane is a Harvard Graduate in Economics and Mathematics. She is the author of multiple award-winning novels on SAT and ACT test-taking strategies, and a former curriculum writer at the CollegeBoard. She knows the ACT in and out, and has helped more than ten students each year get a perfect 36. At Ivy Guru, she helps develop the ACT strategies to increase test comprehension and speed. At CollegeBoard, she was directly responsible for drafting the official ACT test questions between 2016 and 2018.

Rob Lander

Rob is a Harvard Graduate in Physics and Philosophy with a minor in Classics. He has over six years of experience tutoring for the SAT and ACT, specializing in the Math section of each test. He is a current PHD candidate at Caltech in BioMechanics, where he is working on a prototype to alleviate the stress load of construction workers. He is a former perfect scorer on both the SAT and the ACT. In his spare time, he enjoys ocean fishing and hiking on steep slopes.

ACT Instructors

Rufaro Jarati

Rufaro is a Harvard Graduate in Government and Classics. He is a Perfect Scorer on the SAT Reading Section and SAT Literature Subject Test, and has extensive experience teaching the ACT Verbal Section. As a curriculum designer at Trans-Pacific International Education, he aided students in academic testing and college consulting to Ivy League universities. As a former campaign member in the UK House of Commons, he is well-versed in the world of politics. In his spare time, he plays the game of bridge and brushes up on his guitar skills.

Angeline Diana

Angeline is a Harvard Graduate in Integrative Biology and Archaeology. She is a Perfect Scorer on the SAT Reading and Writing Section, with many years of experience teaching the ACT Verbal Section. A member of Harvard Phi Beta Kappa, she overlooks the selection of top students for the prestigious scholarship. She a passionate environmentalist, spending her summers working for the Fondazione Research Centre analyzing deer and kakariki migration patterns.

Evelyn Mo

Evelyn is a Harvard Graduate in Economics and Statistics. She is a Perfect Scorer on the SAT and multiple SAT Subject Tests, and has extensive experience teaching the ACT. A recipient of the prestigious Rockefeller International Experience Fund Grant, she was once a hedge fund analyst at Goldman Sachs. She is deeply passionate about piano performance, having been a laureate of numerous international competitions. She loves traveling and exploring new restaurants around the world.

Nathaniel Hibbert

Nathaniel is a Harvard Graduate in Chemistry. He is a Perfect Scorer on the SAT Verbal Section and the ACT English Section. As a peer tutor at the Harvard College Academic Resource Center, he developed strong relationships with his students and took great pride in their academic successes. In his work at the Kidney Disease Screening and Awareness program, he helped develop software to screen hundreds of patients for CKD. His hobbies include mountain hiking and long-distance running.

Sanjana Singh

Sanjana is a Harvard student majoring in Computer Science. She is a Perfect Scorer on the ACT. In her work in the National Institutes of Health, she make landmark contributions in applying deep learning for screening cervical cancer. At the University of Buffalo, she employed machine learning technologies to detect Parkinson's disease from audio with 99% accuracy. She has moved a total of four times in her life, is a massive Buffalo Bills fan.