11th and 12th Grade:

Four Ways to Achieve your Perfect College Application

Find the right plan today. 

A Century of Combined Experience

At Ivy Guru, our programs are tailored to fit each student, no matter what stage of the college admission process they are in – or where they live. To get into a high selective university, an applicant has to stand out from tens of thousands of other applicants that have similar backgrounds and test scores. It’s normal for families to feel overwhelmed during such a pivotal point in their child’s life. Our job is to streamline the entire process and guide you through all the pitfalls and traps that we have discovered over decades of helping other students in the same position as yours. 

A Team of Experts just for You

Senior Consultant

Our first step is to pair you with a Senior Admissions Consultant who has firsthand admissions experience from a top-tier university. You’ll work one-on-one with your Senior Admissions Consultant from start to finish on every element of your applications. He or she will be in your corner to answer every question you have along the way, and push you to craft a compelling narrative that you may have never reached on your own.

IvyGuru RoundTable

Your completed applications will be reviewed by the Ivy Guru RoundTable, the highest ranking admissions consultants in the business. The Roundtable, consisting of our Founder, President, Executive Director, and Senior Admissions Consultants, simulates the real-world admissions committee that is found at top universities across the nation. During each application season, our team meets weekly to conduct a holistic review of your application. We discuss ways to make your personal statement more compelling and extracurricular activities more cohesive. We are truly invested in your success, and we’ve assembled the strongest team of admissions experts in the world to give your applications a final, thorough assessment through the same lens as the admissions committee.

Financial Aid Specialist

Our Financial Aid Specialist will unlock the secrets to institution-based scholarships for every school in your package. He has years of experience helping families maximize Financial Aid opportunities. Our goal is that what you spend on Admissions Consulting you will save many times over through institution-based aid.

Accelerated Boot Camp

The IvyGuru Application Boot Camp is ideal for students who are coming to us later in the process and want to tap into IvyGuru’s 1-to-1 counseling services in a focused, fast-tracked, and affordable program. Seniors will work with an IvyGuru counselor on all aspects of the Common Application including personal and activity statements, as well as the supplement for a top-choice school. The IvyGuru Application Boot Camp does not include access to the IvyGuru RoundTable review process.

School-Oriented Packages

For students who already know how many schools they are applying to, the IvyGuru School-Oriented Package is the right choice. This is the most popular package at IvyGuru, allowing students access to IvyGuru’s full breadth of services as they apply to colleges during the summer leading up to and during their senior year. Students will work with an IvyGuru expert college admissions team, comprised of two Admissions Consultants overlooked by a Senior Admissions Consultant, on all aspects of the Common Application, including the personal statement and school-specific supplements, as well as develop and finalize their balanced college list, devise an optimal application strategy including whether or not to take advantage of early admission rounds, and prepare for visits and interviews, as needed. Students enrolled in the IvyGuru School-Oriented Packages benefit from the IvyGuru RoundTable, which simulates the admissions committee review process, where they will receive feedback from our entire team of expert counselors.

Hourly Packages

The IvyGuru Hourly Packages gives students the ultimate flexibility in working with a Senior Admissions Consultant on whichever stage of the application process they are in, whether it is constructing a balanced college list, brainstorming narratives for the personal statement, revising the essays to give it that extra oomph to leave an impression on the admissions officer, or coaching for the interview process. Students will access to IvyGuru’s RoundTable after working over ten hours with our Admissions Consultants at no additional cost.

Senior Unlimited Program

Our most exclusive college counseling service, the IvyGuru Senior Unlimited Program offers our clients the ultimate level of continuous personal attention to every detail in college admissions counseling. Not only does it come with access to the IvyGuru Roundtable admissions review process, this program allows the student to receive private 1-to-1 counseling from the IvyGuru RoundTable itself: our Founder, President, Executive Director, and Senior Admissions Consultants. While this is our least popular package due to its cost, all of our students who have enrolled in the Senior Unlimited Program have been admitted to at least two of their top 3 schools.